Who we

Who We Are

We are a part of the Satvvik Industrries, a 49 years old leading mechanical manufacturing company, and branched to offer our solutions to Automotive Software Industries. We are pleased to celebrate our first successful anniversary of existence.

The idea to provide reliable quality software solutions within our customer project schedule and budget is the major driving force for our software division.

Our Core Values

Trust is one of the key major forces which will create a sustainable cohesion within and outside the organization.

Transparent and open communication is the convergent point of our value system.

Relationship based on trust, transparent and open communication will be healthier with every passing moments.

With our value systems we wished to establish and maintain a sustainable engineering eco system for the coexistence of our happily satisfied customers with our motivated employee to ensure delivery of quality products well within financial and time budgets.

Our Foundation

Our organisation is strategically based on three foundation pillars, its called our PEE values, Perceive, Evolve, Enact

We believe and live the idea that it is only possible to offer a 360 degree effective solution in the project space if any situation has been PERCIEVEd effectively by skilled senses and the optimal success of the effective solution is depending on the satisfaction of the stakeholders from all dimensions of the project space. This is the first key foundation pillar of our believe system.

To ensure our preparedness to make our customer happy we constantly EVOLVE after critically analyzing our process, quality standards and strategies. We believe that we need to constantly adapt with the ever changing dynamic project situations to ensure that our growth along with customer success.

To solve the puzzle of an effective eco system of happy satisfied customers and motivated employees, a right strategy to ENACT  in the appropriate direction is the only solution. This foundation pillar is very close to our heart since it holds us upright above from the crowd.